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Our Story

Founded by former Uber engineers Debo Ray and Rob Fletcher, DevZero emerged from a vision to revolutionize engineering efficiency. At Uber, Debo worked on pioneering infrastructure projects, grappling with the challenges of microservices at scale. This experience highlighted the critical need for streamlined engineering workflows to enhance velocity, reliability, and efficiency.

"Faced with the slow pace of software development, our team innovated to overcome operational hurdles. We transformed the engineering process by refining CI test runs, adopting a monorepo-pattern, optimizing code merging, container builds, and deployment processes. Our focus was on creating a seamless, efficient workflow, enabling engineers to select and deploy databases effortlessly and manage multiple tenancy-aware environments."

"Our breakthrough came with the development of specialized tooling. We introduced Local Developer Analytics (LDA) to pinpoint bottlenecks, enhanced IDE performance, and created Cerberus and Bits for efficient service interaction and integration testing. The culmination of our efforts was Devpod, a remote development environment seamlessly integrating with local IDEs."

The impact was profound: doubling PRs per developer per week, slashing build times by over 70%, and reducing large code deployment to under 15 minutes. Our innovations not only accelerated development but also significantly boosted team morale, as reflected in our green NPS/CSAT scores - a first in Uber's history.

Recognizing the scarcity of such resources in the market, Debo Ray and Rob Fletcher founded DevZero. Our mission is to empower engineering teams everywhere with the tools that transformed our work at Uber, driving unparalleled efficiency and velocity in software development.

Meet the Team

Debo Ray

Co-Founder, CEO

Rob Fletcher

Co-Founder, COO

Christian Sendler

Head of Growth

Darienne Schoonmaker

Chief of Staff

Brad Blackard

Member of Technical Staff

Christian Miller

Technical Staff

Lauren Furumoto

Technical Staff

Tim Evko

Technical Staff

Kevin Shi

Technical Staff

Stuti Biyani

Technical Staff

Everton Moreth

Solutions Architect


DevZero Mascot

Renato Nouman Rodrigues

Technical Staff

Ignas Mikalajūnas

Technical Staff

Ivan Smirnov


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Our Values

Walk the talk

Our mission is to unlock developer potential by removing the obstacles that waste time, waste resources, and cause frustration. And we're committed to the same principles as we work with each other every day.

We don't trip over stubborn technology preferences or waste time with outdated office norms. We love smart and talented people, and we'll never let needless bureaucracy get in the way of those people bringing their talents to bear for our customers.

DevZero has office hubs in San Francisco and Seattle, as well as remote team members. Our hybrid work policy and regular in-person visits from remote employees foster collaboration while also creating flexibility for our team.

Inclusive by design

We believe that the best team will always be an inclusive team. We know that more perspectives and varied life experiences contribute to not only a better working environment, but to building a better product for our customers. We've seen homogeneous teams suffer from their blind spots, miss addressable audiences, and exacerbate existing inequity. Our team is inclusive by design, because we're designing our team to be the best.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are our north star not just as we hire, but as we compensate, promote, develop, and manage.


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