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We can run in your cloud or you can use ours.

Self Hosted

Host environments in your cloud, DevZero provides management plane


only available with Full SaaS

  • Number of Users: 5
  • Developer Metrics (available during trial)
  • # of Environments: 1
  • Standalone Environments
  • Kubernetes
  • Usage Limit: 30 minutes intervals
  • Customer Support: Community

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per month, per user

  • Number of Users: up to 200
  • SSO
  • Developer Metrics
  • # of Environments: 5
  • Multi-Region
  • Policy-based Resource Management (hibernation, old volume persistence): Optional
  • Platform Support: One of (Standalone Environments, Kubernetes, Serverless)
  • Cloud support: One of (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • On-Prem: No
  • Customer Support: Yes
  • Dedicated Customer Success Rep: No

Talk to us

  • All features in `Business`
  • Number of Users: Unlimited
  • # of Environments: Unlimited
  • Policy-based Resource Management (hibernation, old volume persistence): Custom
  • CI support (test runner, preview env)
  • Platform Support: Standalone Environments, Kubernetes, Serverless
  • Cloud support: AWS, GCP, Azure
  • On-Prem: Talk to us
  • RBAC
  • Network Peering
  • Customer Support: Custom SLAs
  • Dedicated Customer Success Rep: Yes