Meet the founders

Debo Ray
Co-Founder, CEO

Rob Fletcher
Co-Founder, COO

Debo is a 3x startup founder and former staff engineer at Uber, where he oversaw critical security projects across infrastructure and product development. The son of entrepreneurial parents, he developed at a young age the tenacity, reliability, and diligence that would help him solve increasingly difficult challenges throughout his career.At every turn, Debo was confronted with two incompatible truths: 1) engineers lose a lot of precious time to inefficient tools and maintenance, and 2) organizations expect engineers to ship quickly. DevZero was created to reconcile this gap. Debo is passionate about providing the best engineering experience possible while increasing the value of their work for their organizations.
For nearly two decades, Rob led security and engineering teams at some of the world’s most elite technical organizations including Facebook and Uber. As COO of DevZero, he brings strong product security skills with a deep understanding of how to integrate product milestones and software development with enough agility to quickly change direction when needed. Rob is well-known for his empathetic approach to building and managing high-performing organizations by improving developers’ work-life. He is also a strong advocate for employee happiness, health, and impact. He is also a longtime member of the security research community, receiving hall of fame accolades from Google, AT&T, Dropbox, and Uber.

Meet our advisors

Dmitri Alperovitch

Previously Co-Founder and CTO of Crowdstrike, Dmitri has deep experience in security and provides insight on company strategy and execution for DevZero.

Latha Maripuri

Latha is currently CISO of Uber and has unique leadership and unique security insights that help DevZero.

Andrew Peterson

Previously co-founder and CEO of Signal Sciences, Andrew brings unique insights on how to build and scale start-ups for success.

Patrick Thompson

Co-Founder of Iteratively, which was acquired by Amplitude, Patrick has deep expertise in go-to-market strategy and marketing, which helps DevZero build strategy around sales.

Jon Gelsey

Previously CEO of Auth0 and, Jon helps DevZero by providing expertise on company strategy and scaling a SaaS product.

Franciska Dethlefsen

Franciska is an expert in go-to-market strategies and how to build product led growth for early and late statge companies.

Meet our investors