Meet the Team

Image of Debo Ray

Debo Ray

Co-Founder, CEO

Image of Rob Fletcher

Rob Fletcher

Co-Founder, COO

Image of Brandon Mensing

Brandon Mensing

Product Manager

Image of Jason Gonzales

Jason Gonzales

UX + Product Management

Image of Christian Sendler

Christian Sendler

Head of CX

Image of Darienne Schoonmaker

Darienne Schoonmaker

Chief of Staff

Image of Brad Blackard

Brad Blackard

Head of Engineering

Image of Christian Miller

Christian Miller

Technical Staff

Image of Lauren Furumoto

Lauren Furumoto

Technical Staff

Image of Tim Evko

Tim Evko

Technical Staff

Image of Kevin Shi

Kevin Shi

Technical Staff

Image of Shubham Kumar

Shubham Kumar

Technical Staff

Image of Stuti Biyani

Stuti Biyani

Technical Staff

Image of Everton Moreth

Everton Moreth

Solutions Architect

Image of Brian Hunt

Brian Hunt

Strategic Partnerships

Image of Verina Youssef

Verina Youssef

Strategic Partnerships

Image of Vishal Pallerla

Vishal Pallerla

Developer Advocate

Image of Daisy


DevZero Mascot

Meet the Investors

Image of Anthos
Image of Fika Ventures
Image of Madrona