Upgrade your localhost. Move it to the cloud.

Ship faster by developing and testing in cloud dev environments that are just like prod.
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Why You Need DevZero

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Get started instantly.

Centrally-managed templates = click a button and start coding in seconds. On your first day or your 1337th day.

Reclaim ~40% of eng time that’s wasted in debugging your dev envs. Ramp up… straight up .

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    Ship faster. With more confidence.

    It worked on my computer but it's not working in production.

    Reuse your existing Dockerfiles, build scripts, config for K8s (Helm, Kustomize, ...), Serverless (CDK, CloudFormation, Deployment Manager, ...), etc to generate environments for coding in, and testing against.

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      Spend less time waiting.

      Configure the reqs/specs (RAM, CPUs, pkgs, DB) for each env template once. Generate abundant cloud environments in a region close to you, without the large cloud bills (policy-based resource management).

      Environments can be associated with a constellation of dependencies (cloud services, microservices, ..) to boost the inner loop of development.


        Developers love it.

        Developers are artists - everyone has their favorite IDEs, dotfiles, hotkeys, ...

        Connects your local tools to remote environments. DevZero will make sure all your preferences persist in every ephemeral environment.

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        Fix broken workflows.

        Measure what matters. Be it a unit-test suite or a large Docker image - identify what's slowing down your developers and fix it.

        Developer metrics give unique insights and provide actionable data to remove bottlenecks by diagnosing your developers’ tools and processes.


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          • "Serverless infrastructure is the direction the industry is moving in but solutions for making it easy to develop are almost non existent. DevZero is giving our developers tools to make cutting edge development easy again - serverless can't go mainstream without tools like these."

            Matthew Schrepel, Senior Manager of Developer Experience at Extend.com

          • "Spinning up ephemeral dev environments where engineers can perform end-to-end testing is a game-changer. DevZero lets us onboard new engineers, globally, in minutes, giving each their very own standalone dev environment that they continue to use with their local tools; switching between projects is a breeze too!"

            Nitant Vaidya, Senior Director Of Engineering at Turing.com

          • "DevZero has become an integral part of our development process. It would be the last tool I remove from our workflow besides Google Suite."

            Ashaya Sharma, CTO at Honeycomb.ai