Lambda, Cloud Run, Functions. Your very own isolated copies to develop in.

Serverless is super easy to get started on, but developing in various shared tenancy contexts is complicated as the team grows. Use your production configuration to give every engineer their own namespaced full stacks.

Say no to shared tenancy.

Having to test in production or in staging/dev/QA or some other pre-production stack is a challenge. Someone rolls out a DB schema change while you’re testing out a new DB table read - that’s no fun. DevZero let’s every engineer have their own copy of production that you can test against, during active development! Code in one of our boxes, package up your entire stack and deploy to your namespace. Full end-to-end testing just like when your company had only one engineer.

    Optimized for end-to-end testing in development.

    Instead of having to wait to till CI/CD deploys your code to a pre-production environment, build your code and deploy your entire stack directly within your namespace.

    Developer identity? Shared account for all engineers?

    Let DevZero handle identity management for your developers and their dev environments. Resource-level namespacing (with user-level cloud-native identity) makes sure that each engineer truly has their own “sandbox”.