The Kubernetes stack isn’t just for production anymore.

Get your own copy for development and actively coding within. Run end-to-end integration tests, or place your debugger directly into the call graph!

Redefined development workflows.

On-demand, full-stack environment with all your relevant downstream (and upstream) services/pods/containers are right alongside the development container. Instead of having to rely on a mocked call, invoke your downstream APIs directly exactly as your feature would in production.

    Optimized for end-to-end testing in development.

    Instead of having to wait till CI/CD deploys your code to a pre-production environment, build your code and replace the relevant service pod directly within your namespace. Share a link to your end-to-end working product with anyone in the company ({svc-name}.{username}.{companyname}.{some TLD})! Say, someone ( is working on the api-gateway service, this will be available at Yes, every engineer can do this in their own isolated environment.

    ITG (In the Graph)

    Can’t really attach a debugger in a production service, right? Do it in your own namespace. Convert a pod into a DevPod and intercept real traffic! Root-cause analysis will never be the same.