Open Source 101: Meet our Team

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This March 23rd, The Open Source 101 will take place in Charlotte, NC.

DevZero will be there--and we can't wait to meet you 🚀

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What is Open Source 101? #

Open Source 101 is a one-day conference focusing on the “basics” of open source. Content is generally introductory – intermediate level in nature and is designed as an “on- ramp” to open source, open tech and the open web for most and as a refresher for others. The goal is to provide enough education and guidance so those attending can effectively contribute to and consume open source and generally operate within an open source environment.

Don’t miss our Talk: Accelerating Your Open Source Contributions with CDEs #

Open source projects rely on the contributions of volunteers to thrive and grow. However, getting started with open source contributions can be intimidating, especially for those facing difficulties to set up their development environment. In this talk, we will explore how cloud development environments can be leveraged to make it easy for anyone, to contribute to open source projects.

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OS101 Speaking EngagementDebo & Vishal speaking on accelerating open source contributions using CDEs

Interested in Connecting with Us? #

If you're attending OpenSource101, be sure to stop by our DevZero Booth to chat with us. We'll be available throughout the event to answer your questions, share our expertise, and exchange ideas.

We're excited to connect with fellow developers and learn from each other. See you there!

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