Launch an Environment Instance

Now we'll go through launching your first workspace with DevZero. First, be sure you're logged in to If you need to create an account, please follow these instructions.

After logging in, you'll see a homepage with several pre-populated workspace templates. A DevOps or Developer Productivity team typically creates and manages these templates for their engineers, but they're also easy enough to set up on your own. We'll learn more about environment templates in the next section of the docs.

DevZero Console HomepageDevZero Console Homepage

For now, pick a template that interests you and select the Launch button. Hang tight for the first launch while things build; subsequent launches will be much quicker.

Once your environment is ready & running, you should receive a prompt to Open in Web Browser. If not, you can also click the purple button. Next, we'll launch a Web IDE connected to your instance for the Quickstart. Outside of this Quickstart, you can use your preferred IDE.

Launch Browser IDELaunch Browser IDE

Feel free to explore the Web IDE. Then, when you're done, head back into the web console to learn more about Environment Templates.

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