Installing DevZero CLI

The DevZero CLI allows a user to do (almost) everything from the command line, create environments, connect to them via ssh or launch IDEs!

Linux/MacOS #

installation via homebrew

1. install homebrew:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

2. connect to the devzero brew tap!

brew tap devzero-inc/dz-cli

3. install and use!

brew install devzero-inc/dz-cli/dz-cli
dz help

4. to upgrade

brew upgrade devzero-inc/dz-cli/dz-cli

5. to uninstall

brew uninstall devzero-inc/dz-cli/dz-cli

Windows #

installation via chocolatey

1. install chocolatey cli, this should be standard on most modern windows version

2. install devzero cli using choco cli

choco install dz-cli --version=0.146.0

the devzero cli is still awaiting manual review and approval by the chocolatey maintainers

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