Getting started with an existing cluster

Go get the DevZero cli. Docs for the cli can be found here:

Or use the code sample below:

curl <> -o dz chmod +x dz [sudo] mv dz /usr/local/bin/ 

# Or if you already have the devzero cli make sure it's up to date 
[sudo] dz update
  • Run dz kube new
  • Choose an org (not common)
  • Select a cluster
  • Select a template
  • Select 'yes' to continue, 'no' to go back and pick a different template
  • Enjoy some fun facts while the DevPod is launched (takes about 30 seconds)
  • On success you’ll be connected to your remote DevPod
  • You can ls -al and you should see something like this. Note how dotfiles and other config are already set up:
listing of directory contents in a DevPodListing of directory contents in a DevPod
  • Run kubectl get pods to see your running DevPod as well as other pods running in the cluster
  • You should see all pods successfully running and can now cd into the projects directory to start writing code.
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