Explore Environment Templates

Next, let’s look at what happened behind the scenes when launching that environment instance. Please go back to your web browser and the DevZero Console to continue.

With DevZero, all developer instances are initialized based on an environment template. These templates define the resources, libraries, custom scripts, etc., that your service or application requires. Templates are written in YAML and each has a few main blocks: softwarepolicy, repopolicy and scriptpolicy.

Let’s check out an environment template. To do so, select the dropdown arrow to the right of the Launch button, preferably from the instance you launched earlier. Next, select the Edit option.

Edit Environment TemplateEdit Environment Template

This should open up our template editor. While you won't be able to change this template in Quickstart, you can learn more about templating syntax and extensibility here.

Edit an Environment TemplateEdit an Environment Template

If you select Environment Details at the top of the template editor, you'll see more information about your instance runtime, including the Base Configuration and the maximum number of pre-provisioned machines.

Environment DetailsEnvironment Details

Finally, let's do a little bit of cleanup. Launched environments will automatically hibernate if inactive for more than 30 minutes, helping keep costs low. But we always recommend fully stopping an environment when possible. To do this, go to your running environments, select the three dots icon, and then Delete.

Delete an InstanceDelete an Instance
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