Environment Variables

Environment variables (ENV vars) are a key-value pair object that contain data, sometimes sensitive, that can be used by one or more applications in a linux environment. DevZero has two different scopes of environment variables:

  • Developer Scoped: User-scoped ENV variables that are provisioned in every environment a developer creates. These are only available to a specific developer and not available across the organization.
  • Template Scoped: Template-scoped ENV variables that are provisioned in every environment based off of a specific template. These ENV variables are provisioned for every instance of an environment, regardless of which user that environment is used by.

As alluded to above, ENV variables oftentimes contain sensitive data like tokens or passwords – as such, all variables are stored encrypted within DevZero’s databases.

To set user-scoped environment variables:

  1. Login to https://console.devzero.io
  2. Click the gear icon, ⚙, in upper right
  3. Under “Personal Settings”, click “User Environment Variables”
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