DevZero Wins 2023 DEVIES Microservices & Serverless Award

Vishal Pallerla

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We’re excited to announce that DevZero Serverless has been selected as the winner of 2023 DEVIES Award in the Microservices & Serverless category. It is an honor to receive this award alongside other amazing developer technology brands, including IBM, Stack Overflow, Kong, DigitalOcean, OutSystems, as well as developer tools aimed at enhancing developer productivity, like Jellyfish, Mattermost, ClickUp, and SonarSource. We're humbled and grateful for this recognition and will continue to strive towards our mission.

DevZero Serverless, Say NO to Shared Tenancy #

Serverless application development is easy to get started on. But as the team grows, so does the cost and complexity of Serverless application development. DevZero Serverless aims to solve this issue by enabling the creation of namespaced full stacks with production configuration for each engineer, overcoming the complexities of developing in shared tenancy environments, as well as the need for individual - per developer accounts within AWS.

With DevZero Serverless, teams can streamline their Serverless development process for maximizing productivity while enjoying a hassle-free lower cost development experience.

About the DEVIES Awards #

The 11th annual DEVIES Awards are the definitive annual awards for the software industry recognizing outstanding design, engineering, and innovation in developer technology across 31 categories.

Award winners were selected from a record-high 310 nominations by an expert-led panel of the DevNetwork Advisory Board, based on the following criteria:

  1. attracting notable attention and awareness in the software industry;
  2. general regard and use by the developer, engineering & IT community; and
  3. being a technical leader in its sector for innovation.

Reflecting on DevZero's Win #

Jonathan Pasky, Executive Producer of DevNetwork, producer of DeveloperWeek & the 2023 DEVIES Awards said:

“Developer tools and technology product solutions are leading the way for software developers & engineers to build upon the foundation of the ever-expanding technology sector. DevZero’s win is evidence of their leading role in the growth and innovation in the software industry."

Debo Ray, CEO of DevZero said:

“We're beyond excited to be honored at DeveloperWeek. Our amazing team of software engineers is committed to revolutionizing the development experience for microservice and serverless development. With DevZero Serverless, developers can perform end-to-end development, debugging and testing cycles against their individual, isolated copies of AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Run, and Azure Functions, without worrying about conflicting changes in shared tenancy environments. This recognition serves as a testament to our efforts, and we believe this is just the beginning of what DevZero Serverless has in store for shaping the future of Serverless development."

Rob Fletcher, COO of DevZero said:

“Our DevZero Serverless product is at the forefront of Serverless development and empowers developers to work efficiently and quickly, streamlining the DevOps workflow. It's a tremendous honor for the entire DevZero team to receive the DEVIES Award in the Microservices & Serverless space. This recognition reinforces our commitment to shaping the future of software development.“

Next Steps #

DevZero will be presented its DEVIES Award during DeveloperWeek 2023 (Feb 15-17, Oakland, CA & Feb 21-22, Virtual), the world’s largest developer and engineering conference & expo with 8,000+ participants from 150+ countries across the globe. Thanks to DeveloperWeek for the recognition.

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Thank you to everyone in the DevZero family who helped us get here. Revolutionizing Software Development Experience takes a collaborative, team effort, and we’re so grateful for everyone's support.

About DevZero #

DevZero is dedicated to helping engineering teams get more efficient than they’ve ever been. Software dev is in constant flux - DevZero has the unique ability to distill all this chaos, to provide a single, clear layer to give engineering teams the ability to build with confidence again.

To learn more about cloud development, or if you’re interested in introducing DevZero to your team, Schedule a deep-dive with the team today or check it out for yourself

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